1000VS Wacker GP-N Grazing Neutral (Filled/Unfilled)

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1000VS Wacker GP-N

Colours (Filled)

Black, Blue, Bronze, Cherry, Green, Grey, Ivory, Light Grey, Light Ivory, Oak, White, Wood

Colours (Unfilled)

Gold, Red, Translucent, Transparent


270ml (25 ctg / ctn)

1000vs Wacker Gp N
This is a one-part, neutral silicone sealant with outstanding adhension to most building substrates. It further exhibits good weather resistance and workability for glazing.



  • Windows glazing.
  • Joint sealing for prefabricated building.
  • Sealing for UPVC, Wooden and AL Window.
  • Sealing for Alkaline Substrate such as concrete.


1000vs Wacker Gp N4