Vimax Trading Sdn Bhd

Architectural Ironmongery Specialist and Premier Importer of Aluminium and Glass Accessories for Malaysia market since year of 2009.

We are supplying innovative architectural hardware such as doors and windows accessories with professional standards and apply the basic values of quality conception.

In line with architectural hardware objective and co-operate mission, the company is pooled by a team of professional individual with its own profession is all in concern for fine tune in productivity, quality and service. The company continued to be a model employer and maintain a highly skilled, motivated and responsive staff force with high ethical standard and skill on architectural hardware.

In a concerted effort to prepare for productivity, good quality and services. The company also continue to concentrate on enhancing and upgrading its management skill. In-house training program will also focus as a guide to upgrade their management skill, staffs are also encouraged to s to enhance their capability.

After years fo rapid development, VIMAX own a high-quality range of Glass & Aluminium Accessories products named “VSP”. With the excellent workmanship, innovative design & superior quality, VSP has become one of the recognized and reputable brands in the market.


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Shower Hinge

BS EN 1935 : 2002

Multipoint Handle

BS EN 13126-3 : 2011

Folding Door Roller

BS EN 13126-15 : 2008

Friction Stay

BS EN 13126-6 : 2008

Mortise Lock

ANSI/BHMA A 156.13 : 2005

Floor Spring

BS EN 1154:1997

Door Closer

BS EN 1154:1997

Floor Spring

BS EN 1154:1996/A1:2002/AC:2006 (0359-CPR-000534)