The 5 Benefits of Louvre Windows

The Five Benefits of Louvre Windows

Choosing the right window type during home construction or renovation is very important. Fitting the right window at the proper place will allow natural light to illuminate our home, maintain proper airflow and of course help conserve energy. Louvre windows…

What is SIRIM and Why Does It Matter to Me?

When we say quality, more often than not, the word “standard” comes to mind. If we describe certain things to have standards, we have a minimum expectation in mind. What is Standard? According to the Standards of Malaysia Act 1996…

Window Safety Week

Window Safety Week

Since it was first introduced in 1997 by the US National Safety Council, the Window Safety Week is held during the first full week of April every year. While this may be done in the US, that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t have this in Malaysia, too.