The 5 Benefits of Louvre Windows

The Five Benefits of Louvre Windows

Choosing the right window type during home construction or renovation is very important. Fitting the right window at the proper place will allow natural light to illuminate our home, maintain proper airflow and of course help conserve energy.

Louvre windows are a common choice in Malaysia because they’re stylish, versatile and can help naturally ventilate your home. Louvre windows are made of horizontal slats that function as shutters that can be opened and closed. This design originated during the Middle Ages and continues to be used in modern homes. Have you considered louvre windows for your home? You just might after learning about the many benefits of this popular window.

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Energy Efficiency

Louvre windows are not mere pretty accessories on windows; they also help reduce the home’s energy consumption. Louvre windows are a great alternative to exhaust fans in bathroom and laundry rooms, as they allow steamy air to escape, which reduces moisture build-up. Louvre windows can also be used in various rooms across the home for ventilation and cooling, minimizing the need for fans and air conditioning. That means that you will run up your electric bill much more slowly.

Air Flow

Louvre windows are most often used for their efficient ventilation characteristics. Through affective ventilation, more so than regular windows, louvre windows facilitate consistent air flow into the home, keeping the interior cool, comfortable and healthy even when it is raining outside. Unlike casement or awning windows, they’re not affected by the direction of the wind. Louvre windows can be installed at any height, even high up for ventilation in rooms with taller ceilings; these louvres can still be operated easily using a handy map-rod.

Privacy and Security

Louvre windows combine great ventilation with a high level of privacy. Louvres offers in a variety of frosted and coloured glass options for enhanced privacy. They can also be tilted at angles that maintain the privacy of occupants without affecting the flow of fresh air into the home. This makes them particularly suitable for private spaces in the home such as bathrooms and bedrooms.

Louvres windows now is one of the secure options when choosing a secure window. Some louvres windows can be fitted with security screens or insect screens that can used as a penetration-resistant shield behind safety windows.

Natural Light

Louvre windows are ideal for controlling the entry of light into a room. When made with clear glass, or left completely open, they allow home owners to experience natural sunlight without the consequence of harsh, full-on sun, like typical windows. Conversely, there are energy efficient, frosted or coloured glass louvre windows to minimize and control the entry of light and heat into your home.

Easy Cleaning

Traditional windows become dirty quickly and can prove to be a pain to keep clean. Another benefit of louvre windows is that they’re far easier to keep clean than many other types of windows. All you have to do is tilt the slats open 180 degrees and both sides of the louvre blades can be cleaned from inside. This is particularly useful for windows located on higher floors that may be difficult to access from the outside.

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